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HP, Intel, TCS offer to back ISRO

Hewlett-Packard, Intel and Tata Consultancy are among the firms offering to back ISRO’s (Indian Space Research Organisation) ambitious Village Resource Centre programme. Under the VRC ambit, ISRO is in the process of linking over six lakh Indian villages. So far it is NGOs that have been fostering VRC. Its opening project in Tamil Nadu was supported by MS Swaminathan Foundation.

A satellite link provided by ISRO would provide villages with local specific information. The VRCs would use communication satellites like INSAT and remote sensing satellites to cull information on natural resources, sites for drinking water and ground water recharging, water harvesting and wasteland reclaiming. Community-based risk reports could be generated. The network uses one of the C-band transponders of the INSAT-3A satellite. It would be a completely interactive VSAT-based network.