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HP enters the GPS market

HP has announced that it is to enter the Sat Nav market with a new device it has launched with ViaMichelin. Using a PDA model originally announced in September last year, HP has decided to use its rx1950 PDA at the core of the system adding a cradle and the software to offer the GPS solution. The new name – the rx1950 Navigator has been bundled with the latest version of ViaMichelin’s navigation software and a car cradle to offer the GPS element.

HP has been able to make the PDA GPS ready by including the GPS receiver in the car cradle rather than as a bolt on to the unit. While this is helpful for users looking to find their way in the car, it will mean that users hoping to find there way around the city on foot will suffer unless they take the cradle with them. The cradle also includes a speaker to relay directions. The system runs the Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system comes with all the standard features you would expect to come in a PDA as well as offering wi-fi access for improved connectivity so it can be used as standard PDA when not on the road.