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How Orbital Insight is responding to COVID-19

Orbital Insight is offering commercial and public organizations answers to questions they be ver thought they would have to ask.In Support of State and Local Public Institutions, the company is providing accurate information to government leaders (including states, municipalities, and federal agencies) respond with objective, real-time analytics to answer questions such as:

  • What is the state of food security?
  • Do my constituents have access to healthcare?
  • Are populations successfully sheltering in place?
  • How resilient are local businesses?
  • Can public transit and traffic corridors be better utilized?

The company understands that local governments have a large mandate and need actionable intelligence to inform the best possible outcomes. It has been providing its analytics at no cost to state governments and municipalities to arm decision-makers with information that saves lives.

For businesses, Orbital Insight has been working with the largest global food manufacturers, consultancies, and local governments to increase visibility at every step of the supply chain in order to help them:

  • Know their suppliers
  • Spot supply chain vulnerability and disruptions
  • Track consumer demand
  • Run outage scenarios
  • Take action and reduce risk

Orbital Insight is also supporting its clients with transparent, real-time information surrounding the global economy including, Chinese consumer and manufacturing recovery, Movements in global oil storage and consumption, Changes in airport traffic and port and cargo shipping activity