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HoudahGeo Photo Geocoding for the Mac

Luxembourg, Luxembourg, September 24, 2007: Houdah Software has updated HoudahGeo to version 1.2.8, their one-stop geocoding application for Mac OS X. It allows users to link, or “pin” photos to the location where they were taken, without the need of a digital GPS camera or a GPS device.

This information may then be exported to EXIF tags, as well as to Google Earth KMZ files. Such a file allows for browsing photos within Google Earth.

HoudahGeo is a software solution for geocoding photos with latitude, longitude and altitude information. Just like a GPS camera, HoudahGeo can store this information right within the image file, invisibly with no loss of quality. Unlike a GPS camera however, it allows the direct export photos directly to Google Earth.

HoudahGeo may operate in a fully automatic mode when provided a track log file from a GPS receiver. Finer control is possible by attaching photos to waypoints created using a GPS device. When no GPS device is available, manual geocoding is possible through integration with the Google Maps service.

New features, enhancements and fixes include:

  • It is now possible to copy coordinates from one image to another.
  • The map window now loads significantly faster.
  • The map window now remembers settings from previous use.
  • Image previews are now faster to load.
  • The automatic geocoding alogorithm has been improved and allows for command line fine tuning.