Hosted map service for ready-to-use mapping

Hosted map service for ready-to-use mapping


Cardiff, UK

Data provider Europa Technologies has launched a hosted map service harnessing the power of its map rendering technology. viaEuropa, unveiled at the AGI Cymru annual conference in Cardiff, aims to bridge the gap between raw data delivery and ready-to-use mapping.

It builds on Europa Technologies’ experience of rendering and delivering high quality map tiles directly into web map and desktop GIS applications. viaEuropa promises time and money savings for users across the UK’s public and private sectors with benefits for both departmental intranets and public facing websites. 

Warren Vick, Europa Technologies’ Founder & Director, said “At a time of constrained spending in government and business, users do not want to waste time worrying about the costs of map data management. Our long-standing USP in data rendering has given us an ideal platform to launch viaEuropa. It is a fast, easy-to-implement solution offering enhanced cartographic flexibility and consistent maps that can be used across different applications and platforms. This is ideal for organisations seeking to improve their performance or customer service.”

viaEuropa is compatible with virtually any source of digital map data including OS OpenData and can seamlessly integrate different products, levels of detail and colour vision deficiency support. It uses a standards-based approach to deliver mapping to applications and APIs across desktop, web and mobile platforms.  

Source: Europa Technologies