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Horizons, Inc. awarded multiple national park project contract

Horizons, Inc. was awarded a contract from various government agencies to provide aerial photography and digital orthophotography of numerous National Park and National Wildlife Refuge locations throughout the western United States. The project involves the production of orthophotography meeting USGS Digital Orthophoto Quarter Quadrangle (DOQQ) specifications in conjunction with lower altitude aerial photography for vegetation studies. Horizons, Inc. utilizes Airborne GPS and inertial acquisition technologies combined with ground survey services to provide the photo control. Aerial photo acquisition for final orthophoto production targeted to 1:12,000 DOQQ specifications is created utilizing existing USGS elevation data from the National Elevation Dataset (NED). The areas that Horizons will fly include Glacier National Park, Montana – over 100 miles of paved roads and developed areas; Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming – 823 square miles; Bryce Canyon, Utah – 130 square miles; Cedar Breaks National Monument, Utah – 74 square miles; Capitol Reef, Utah – 570 square miles; and Dinosaur National Park, Colorado – 622 square miles. Aerial photography already completed includes Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge, Arizona – 250 square miles and Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado – 652 square miles.