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Hoonuit acquires DecisionInsite to expand location and enrollment analysis solutions

USA: Hoonuit has announced the acquisition of DecisionInsite, a provider of enrollment analytics and geographic information system (GIS) technology. As a result, Hoonuit will be uniquely positioned to unlock new location and boundary capabilities to further improve educational outcomes.

DecisionInsite’s expansive set of interactive geospatial tools, paired with Hoonuit’s comprehensive data set, enables partner education agencies to understand the geographic context of their student data in order to make more informed decisions. Users will be able to select an area on a map, analyze the student data within that selection, and conduct robust what-if scenarios.

“We are thrilled to bring DecisionInsite’s capabilities and expertise to Hoonuit. This strategic acquisition will positively impact our combined customer base,” said Paul Hesser, CEO at Hoonuit. “By integrating mapping technologies with Hoonuit’s industry-leading predictive capabilities, robust data model and technology platform, administrators will be able to identify program services, staff, and the facilities required within a selected geographic boundary.

Users can further segment based on diverse student demographics such as English language learners, free and reduced lunch populations, special education and foster youth co-related with student performance, chronic absenteeism and discipline events, and implement interventions for those selected cohorts of students. We’re doing all this within a single application and workflow to improve student outcomes.”

Hoonuit will also employ DecisionInsite’s Enrollment Analysis solution, supporting budget, facility and staff planning decisions. The immediate benefits of enrollment forecasting, housing development data, boundary consultations, school capacity, and student yield studies will be combined with Hoonuit’s data management and analytics offering, taking advantage of its proprietary data warehouse, machine learning, and business intelligence technologies to better serve schools and enhance student outcomes.

“Our individual partnerships with Hoonuit and DecisionInsite have made us a more effective school district. Combining these unique solutions will help us to make better decisions for our staff, students, and families as we address complex challenges,” said Joel Rabin, Associate Superintendent at Natomas Unified School District. “The integration will also save our district hundreds of hours each year by facilitating data interoperability between both platforms.”

“This was a unique opportunity for DecisionInsite. By joining forces with Hoonuit we can take our enrollment analytics and mapping toolset to new heights and allow education agencies to identify trends faster, with more depth and enable them to be more creative and strategic in their planning and staffing,” says Dean Waldfogel, Senior Vice President at DecisionInsite and former Superintendent at Irvine Unified School District.