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Honolulu Board of Water Supply selects XMF Accelerator

Longmont, CO, December 9, 2008 — geoXMF LLC announced that Honolulu Board of Water Supply (HBWS) has selected geoXMF’s XMF Accelerator for their enterprise GIS system. XMF Accelerator provides a Google-like search engine targeted at GIS data tables and map layers. HBWS has added XMF Accelerator to speed access to GIS data, support management decision-making and broaden the use of GIS throughout the IT enterprise.

The Board of Water Supply (BWS) manages O‘ahu’s municipal water resources and distribution system. XMF Accelerator will enhance access to map services delivered by the Board’s award winning enterprise GIS system which enables employees to access critical water system data and information.

HBWS engineers and field workers communicate throughout the workday to answer infrastructure location, condition, maintenance and engineering questions. Rapid access to mapping and map-based links to other information improves communication and decision-making. XMF Accelerator also provides a central access point to data scattered throughout the organization – across servers, offices and business units. Initial testing of XMF Accelerator has resulted in time savings when accessing enterprise GIS data.

HBWS also uses geoXMF’s XMF Alerter software to improve enterprise GIS performance and management.