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Hong Kong prepares 3D spatial database

Hong Kong: Lands Department, Hong Kong, is constructing and maintaining a territory-wide 3D spatial database which would include buildings, roads and terrain with positional and height accuracy up to metre level, according to Paul Ng, Chief Land Surveyor of the Land Information Centre, Lands Department. “The project will be completed by the end of year and the 3D spatial data will be made available to the public on a cost recovery basis,” he said.

Lands Department anticipates that the 3D spatial data will be of substantial use to land developers, town planners, architects and engineers in the private sector who are involved in project planning and implementation.

“Apart from constructing a 3D spatial database, we are also revamping the core Land Information System in the Lands Department so as to support more government needs and other internal operations” Ng added. “On the Internet side, we are looking into including more geospatial data and functions in the GeoInfo Map platform, and also enhance the Hong Kong Map Service (hkmapservice.gov.hk) to facilitate the ordering of paper map products in addition to digital map products through the Internet”.

The GeoInfo Map (map.gov.hk) is a publicly accessible service developed to cater for the public’s needs for convenient access to official digital map and geospatial information.

Source: FutureGov