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Hong Kong makes use of GIS for improving air quality

Hong Kong, 6 July 2006: Improving air quality tops our environmental agenda, Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Donald Tsang says, adding air cannot be cleaned up quickly and sustained efforts by Hong Kong and Guangdong are necessary. In a visit to the Environmental Protection Department Mr Tsang was briefed on the regional air-quality monitoring network developed with Guangdong and the efforts to Improve regional air quality.

Mr Tsang saw how information technology, including a geographic information system, allowed the centre’s staff to locate a problem area on a digital map to take immediate action. The Chief Executive viewed a demonstration of a three-dimensional environmental impact assessment public engagement tool that is developed to put into practice the continuous public involvement concept. Hong Kong is taking the lead in introducing this concept in the environmental impact assessment process. With the tool, different options for development projects and their environmental performances can be presented in 3D models through coloured illustrations, graphics or multimedia images.

“The use of such tools would foster better communication of environmental impact assessment issues and promote public dialogue on major development projects during project planning and implementation,” Mr Tsang said.