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Hong Kong launches mobile mapping application

Hong Kong: The Lands Department of Hong Kong SAR Government launched a mobile mapping application called “GeoMobile Map Hong Kong”. It aims to allow users to view detailed maps of various points of interests and to search for community facilities while on the move.

According to an official statement, the Lands Department developed the GeoMobile Map to cater to the public’s needs for a more convenient access to official digital maps and geospatial information.

“GeoMobile Map takes advantage of multi-touch technology, allowing users to smoothly zoom in and out of a map on their mobile devices,” a spokesman for the Lands Department said. “It also incorporates a strengthened geographic search engine, supporting not only the search for places, streets and buildings in Hong Kong, but also simple semantic searches, such as ‘museums in Central’, ‘supermarkets within map area’, etc”.

Because of the positioning capability of mobile devices, GeoMobile Map can show the approximate position of a user on the map and identify nearby facilities and points of interests such as tourist attractions, public transportation, leisure and cultural facilities, gas stations, car parks, charging points for electric vehicles, hospitals, clinics, police stations, post offices, shopping malls, registered pharmacies, convenient stores and supermarkets.

In addition, users can also share a marked map with other users for them to view on their own devices. The GeoMobile Map supports mobile devices and smartphones running on iOS and Android operating systems.

Source: FutureGov