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Hong Kong Lands Department to organize Geospatial Tech Challenge

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Hong Kong, a hub for international trade and investment, has one of the world’s most thriving economies. The vision of the smart city development in Hong Kong is to embrace innovation and technology to build a world-famed Smart Hong Kong characterised by a strong economy and high quality of living.  The Lands Department of Hong Kong SAR Government (Lands Department) has provided free map API services, digital map and imageries to promote the sharing and application of spatial data, which is essential to the development of spatial data infrastructure and smart city in Hong Kong.

Lands Department is running a Challenge for students and practitioners from both local and overseas to propose solutions that utilize spatial data to benefit the Hong Kong community. The theme of the Challenge is “Building a Smart City with spatial data – Promoting Smart Living and a Healthy Lifestyle in Hong Kong”. The Challenge aims at providing insights on the use of spatial data which can promote smart living and a healthy lifestyle in different applications under the Hong Kong Smart City Blueprint 2.0. The Challenge, which comprises competition in Student Category and Open Category, is now open for application submission. The last date for the submission of application is 30 April 2021.

How can you make use of geospatial data to benefit the public?

  • Using 3D thematic maps and 3D spatial analysis to determine the optimal location of establishments such as sports centres and food stores;
  • Applying Route tracking, crowd management and pedestrian network analysis; and
  • The list of innovative applications is limited only by your imagination…