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Hokkaikosoku purchases ALS50 from Leica Geosystems

Leica Geosystems GIS & Mapping, LLC is pleased to announce that Hokkaikosoku K.K. (Sapporo, Japan) has purchased an ALS50 Airborne Laser Scanner from its Japanese entity, Leica Geosystems, K.K. A comprehensive geospatial data provider, Hokkaikosoku will use the ALS50 for numerous applications including orthophoto creation, flood planning and disaster planning. The ALS50 is a compact, LIDAR-based system designed for the acquisition of topographical and return signal intensity data from numerous airborne platforms. The data is computed using laser range and return signal intensity measurements recorded in-flight, along with position and attitude data derived from airborne GPS and inertial subsystems. The ALS50 features a large operational range with flying heights from 500 to 4000 meters, as well as a multi-return intensity capture (up to three returns) and excellent height accuracy.

Hokkaikosoku purchased a total of one ALS50 system and one EMERGE Digital Sensor System (DSS). The EMERGE DSS is a medium-format sensor that captures high-quality, digital rectifiable imagery. The DSS sensor will enable Hokkaikosoku to perform applications such as 3D city modeling. Both systems will be delivered by November 2003.