HitachiSoft introduces GeoMation Keitai series

HitachiSoft introduces GeoMation Keitai series


Japan, 27 December 2006 – Hitachi Soft has announced the launch of GeoMation Keitai series, a GIS product that allows users to view and renew GIS managed business data previously restricted to environments such as the office LAN from their mobile phones. It enables users not only to view business data from the field, but also renew it securely from their mobile phones.

Speed is constantly sought after in the business world, and the ability to access company data or other data that is necessary from outside the office has evident effects on business. Currently, staff outside the company can only work on data that they have sent from the PC to their PDA but this lacks flexibility because they cannot respond to on-site demands that require other data or send reports on the work they are doing back to the office.

GeoMation Keitai solves the business needs of these users through enabling them to view company data from outside, send on-the-spot reports back to the office and exchange accurate instructions with headquarters and outside staff without having to exit documentation or diagrams from the office.

The product connects seamlessly with Geomation, HitachiSoft’s enterprise-type GIS product that integrates and interconnects with data of different formats to realize a map-based business system. The software can be used with DoCoMo and is compatible with other mobile phone applications.

It is easily installed and available immediately following download it to a user’s mobile phone via their regular mobile carrier. Inputting functions are minimal so it is user-friendly even to users not accustomed to using their mobile phones.

GeoMation Keitai is priced at 680,000 yen/month (including tax, 714,000 yen) per 100 users, and will be available from March 1st, 2007.