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Hitachi Software announces Any*GIS Version 3.5

Hitachi Software Global Technology (HSGT) announced the March 1st release of its open spatial data integration solution, Any*GIS Version 3.5. This release includes a document management extension, GPS support on the Any*GIS mobile client, and several new functions within the Spatial Information Module (SIM) and Network Information Module (NIM).

Any*GIS is a Geographic Information System that allows organizations to adopt open standards while preserving legacy spatial data and work flows. Any*GIS is based on Open GIS Consortium standards that include the OpenGIS Simple Feature Specification (SFS), Coordinate Transformation Services (CT), and Geographic Markup Language (GML). It also employs open industry standards, including Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE), Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA), eXtensible Markup Language (XML), and Structure Query Language (SQL).

New Key Features of Any*GIS Version 3.5:
• A document management extension that allows geographic features to link to multiple document sources such as Office documents, CAD drawing files, graphics files, and scanned images.
• GPS support for the Any*GIS mobile client with location tracking and automatic map orientation to indicate directional heading.
• An improved Network Information Module (NIM) that includes support for the GIS interface of the MultiSpeak Version 2.2 specification.
• An enhanced Spatial Information Module (SIM) with expanded relationship query that performs value calculations from attribute data.
• Native support of IBM DB2 Spatial Extender datastores.
• Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Version 3 operating system.