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Hitachi, Pharos to work together on GPS/LBS

Pharos Science & Applications Inc., a provider of portable GPS navigation and location-based services, has announced a partnership with Hitachi, Ltd. to enable Hitachi’s new G1000TM Multimedia Communicator with Windows Mobile software for Pocket PCs with Pharos’ award-winning Ostia Smart NavigatorTM, the first Web-based service to combine GPS navigation, real-time traffic and dynamic points-of-interest lookup.

The Hitachi G1000 Multimedia Communicator is the company’s first Windows Mobile-based device and a Windows Mobile-based Pocket PC to feature an integrated camera, keyboard, and wireless phone, all in one mobile device. Based on the new Windows Mobile software for Pocket PCs from Microsoft Corp, the Multimedia Communicator combines the comprehensive functionalities of a Windows Mobile experience with the high-speed enhanced Sprint Nationwide PCS Network to deliver the ability to take pictures, provide comfortable text input for emails with a built-in keyboard, place and receive phone calls, and browse the web.

Smart Navigator takes advantage of the wireless Internet capability of Windows Mobile devices and GPS positioning to deliver location and navigation information to a position specified by the user. Throughout the US, users of Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs, such as the new Hitachi G1000, can access the nation’s traffic reporting service, Smart Traffic, to select efficient driving route, and improve mobility. They also can locate nearby ATM/banks, hotels, restaurants, Internet hotspots or other businesses using Smart Finder, all while on the go. And along the way, Smart Navigator employs GPS satellites to guide users to their destinations.

Aggregating up-to-the-minute highway monitoring data from various State Transportation Departments and their partners, Pharos’ Smart Traffic provides travelers real-time, traffic-flow information and options to avoid traffic congestion to assist them in selecting the best travel choices. In addition to visualizing real-time traffic conditions, G1000 phone users will be able to wirelessly access hundreds of thousands of points of interest (POIs) hosted on Pharos’ Smart Navigator server.