Home News Hitachi launches PiXterra online image publishing services in Japan

Hitachi launches PiXterra online image publishing services in Japan

Hitachi Software Engineering Co., Ltd Japan, has launched the image publishing website PiXterra. PiXterra distributes 40 GB of 60-centimetre Quickbird satellite image data covering the central area of Tokyo using ER Mapper’s Image Web Server and ECW image database format. By spring 2004, PiXterra will be publishing half a terabyte of data, covering most major Japanese cities, including Osaka and Kyoto. The PiXterra website is available to the public for subscription at https://PiXterra.net/.

PiXterra offers a range of tools, including real-time roam-and-zoom, address search and GIS Vector Information. It also offers multi-date imagery overlay and transparency for change detection analysis. Information in the GIS database includes public buildings and parks, train stations and roads. In the near future, demographic data derived from census statistics and land assessment information will also be available.

PiXterra is suitable for use by a wide range of industries. These include real estate and property management agencies, utilities and facilities management organizations, transportation companies and the tourism industry.

The interoperable multi-layer Image Web Server solution allows users to extract much more information by overlaying multiple data sources rather than using each data set separately.