Hikvision announces new BIM security cameras

Hikvision announces new BIM security cameras


US, October 14, 2014: Hikvision, leading video surveillance products and solutions company, has announced a new line of BIM security cameras, which can be seamlessly integrated with specifiers’ and engineers’ Autodesk Revit models.This content is available via Autodesk Seek, a leading web service that allows users to find, preview, and download BIM components from a library of over 66,000 items.

The Hikvision cameras can be included as CAD elements by security system designers using Revit software. System layout and camera field of view are accurately viewed at the earliest stages of the design process, improving device placement, reducing incompatibility issues, and enhancing overall efficiency. The video surveillance is thus transformed from an afterthought to an architectural cornerstone.

Christine Mann, solutions executive at Autodesk said, "As video surveillance systems become increasingly more prevalent in building infrastructure, Hikvision proves its commitment to security system designers. It provides Revit and Seek users with high-quality content that helps them envision camera operation and aesthetics in the real world.”

Source: Hikvision