High-tech tracking of infra development in Bihar, India

High-tech tracking of infra development in Bihar, India


Patna, India: Bihar State Road Development Corporation (BSRDC), under the Road Construction Department (RCD), will deploy GPS-enabled Android phones to help executive engineers keep an eye on road construction from district headquarters, while the RCD Secretary will do so from the Patna office. The initiative will be launched on January 10, 2011.

Earlier, Bihar State Bridge Construction Corporation had successfully used GPS-enabled phones to help mobile inspectors track engineers on duty. The latest mobile operation system supports all Google applications in 3G mobile phones.

Since 2006-07, Bihar has constructed 23,606 km roads, besides augmenting and repairing 1,657 km of national highways.

Using the latest Android technology, assistant or executive engineers will visit construction sites every two days to take pictures of constructed roads and upload them on the RCD website. Photos taken using these phones would verify that the pictures have actually been taken at the site of the construction. To ensure double compliance of work done, the RCD Secretary will monitor the same using Google Maps, available on the phone.

Once the state government is convinced of the usefulness of the technology, all 200 engineers in-charge of road projects under the RCD would be given the phones, said RCD Secretary and BSRDC Managing Director Pratyay Amrit. He also noted that the measure does not entail big cost.

The ADB has given Bihar INR 1,971 crore for first-phase projects, covering 820 km. Construction of roads started in 2008-09 and has to be completed by 2011-12.

The Secretary said that it was only because of timely completion of most projects by Bihar that the ADB had agreed to give a second phase loan of over Rs 1500 crore. The state government has to bear 10 per cent of the project cost under this.

Source: Indian Express