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High-tech saints promoting geospatial practices

India: The hi-tech saints in India are using satellite images from Google Earth to show how the dirty black waters have been polluting the clean rivers. Baba Balbir Singh Seechewal, along with his deputy Baba Sukhjit Singh, has made satellite imagery a potent tool for saving the planet, Times of India reported

During Parliamentary elections, the duo took out Vatavaran Chetna March or environment awareness march in Punjab and parts of Rajasthan during which they used hoarding and banners showing images of Satluj and Beas rivers, with the flow of clean water in the upstream and Satluj turning black after passing through various parts of Punjab.

“We explained how the water resources were getting polluted and the same water was being used by millions of people in parts of Malwa and Rajasthan,” Seechewal said. These pictures, said Sukhjit, were also used to confront the official machinery.

“It’s a solid piece of evidence for officials who have been trying to deny ground reality,” he added. “The impact was great in areas where people use water from Satluj for consumption. They would look at the images and were left dumbfounded,” said Gurwinder Singh, an aide of Seechewal.

Source: TOI