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High-tech control centre for anti-Naxal operations

New Delhi, India: The much-awaited state-of-the-art control room with giant TV screens that will help track the movement of security forces in thick forests and hilly terrain of Naxal-affected areas with satellite imaging and GPS has been activated at the CRPF headquarters in New Delhi, India.

According to Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Naxalites are left-wing extremists who take their name from Naxalbari, a village in the state of West Bengal where they first staged an uprising in 1967.

Times of India reported that the control room will help top CRPF officials to keep an eye on an entire operation against Maoists in Red Zone. The satellite images, provided by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), carry major details of the terrain, including water bodies inside the deep forest area. With the help of GPS, each step of the personnel can be tracked, they added.

A giant screen comprising 16 LCD screens has been put up, which at the push of a button will show the exact positioning of troops in the area. The preloaded satellite images will give a fair idea of the patrol party’s location and nearby areas. The need to have such a control room was felt as lack of knowledge of the topography is the biggest hurdle before security personnel.

Source: TOI