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High-tech burial park in Sydney

Australia: Sydney will get its first natural burial park, where there will be no grave stones. Michael McMahon, CEO, Catholic Cemeteries Board said, “The park will look very natural, just grass and trees. There will be no headstones and instead people will be buried in the park and a GPS locator placed in the coffin. The deceased person’s loved ones will then be able to locate the burial site with a GPS or their mobile phone. The person being buried must be in bio-degradable clothing and the body will be prepared without chemical preservatives or disinfectants.”

Recently, McMahon travelled to the UK, where 8 per cent of burials are now natural, to research how they operate. He said that natural burials and burial parks are popular overseas and it was time Sydney had one. The park will fit 300 graves, about a metre apart.

The Catholic Church believes that the park, which will open this month at Kemps Creek in Sydney’s west, will cater for an increasing demand for environmentally friendly burials and also help fight the city’s lack of cemetery space.

Source: The Daily Telegraph