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High-resolution aerial images of California unveiled

Henderson, NC, USA: Aerial Services unveiled this week a collection of over 20,000 high-resolution aerial images encompassing more than 3,500 square miles of California, including both urban and wetland areas. The collection is available on a per-image basis for business and government users.

All images are less than one year old. These vertical aerials, acquired using state-of-the-art Canon digital imaging systems, are geo-referenced and may be interfaced with any number of mapping and photo systems. Images can also be geo-rectified for use with ArcGIS, AutoCAD, MapInfo, Google Earth, and MicroStation systems.

The availability of the digital library is the result of a three year development effort for aircraft camera equipment as well as flight planning and management systems. All 2008 dated photos have a nominal resolution of eight inches or less per pixel. Aerial Services also offers a 2007 photo inventory covering similar areas, which boasts a still-impressive 12 inch pixel resolution.