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High performance image deployment solution from ER Mapper

The latest launch of ER Mapper, Image Web Server 2.0, is claimed to have addressed the users’ demand of enabling geospatial imagery to add value to existing GIS information sets. The wealth of information imagery provides, allows more efficient management and decision-making, say experts. Traditional GIS applications are often not equipped to handle large amounts of image.

New capabilities include multiple-protocol image serving, including support for the ArcIMS (ArcXML) protocol. Image Web Server 2.0 provides fast image serving that transparently enhances existing ESRI map serving infrastructure. To ESRI software, Image Web Server looks and behaves like an ArcIMS image server. Image Web Server can simultaneously serve imagery using four protocols: ESRI’s ArcIMS (ArcXML), OGC (WMS), HTTP and high-performance streaming imagery (ECWP). Image Web Server can be dropped in to any ESRI based enterprise to speed-up imagery deployment.

Organizations using Image Web Server include the US Border Patrol as part of the Homeland Defense initiative, the Italian Ministry of the Environment for Internet access to maps and photographic images covering the whole of Italy, Hitachi Software for serving of high resolution imagery for Japan, and the Scottish Executive.

Image Web Server’s ability to serve imagery over multiple protocols maximizes the availability of imagery assets.