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Hi-tech buses for smoother transportation in Chennai, India

Chennai, India: The Indian city of Chennai will soon get 150 GPS-enabled buses. The city will also incorporate e-ticketing facilities for all the buses. 33 buses were added to the Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTC) fleet last month. “The rest will be added shortly,” said a senior MTC official. The corporation now has 3,497 buses, about 10% of which are used as spare vehicles. Officials say the new buses will be used to increase the frequency of services or extend existing routes. “No new routes have been planned. The demand on existing routes will first be catered to,” said the official.

Transport corporations in the state are also looking forward to implement GPRS-based e-tickets. E-tickets that look like existing ones will be connected to a server that will collect information such as number of tickets sold on a particular stretch, the frequency of services and the running time. The machines will help plug revenue leakages through sale of old unused tickets and prevent human errors while entering daily sales. They will also help plan bus frequency according to the data collected.

Apart from the GPRS-enabled e-ticketing machines, MTC is looking to enabling all its buses with GPS. Some 500 buses on 15 routes, including High Court-Vandalur Zoo (A18), HC-Tambaram (18A) and Broadway-Saidapet (18K), have GPS systems presently.

Source: TOI