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Hexagon moves MineQuest 2016 to overseas to regional venues

US: Hexagon Mining is wrapping up today an exhilarating week of presentations, workshops, demos, and consultations, as the MineQuest 2016 moves overseas to regional venues.

EVP Technology and Innovation, Glenn Wylde, opened the event with a compelling vision of a digital mine where data and processes are integrated so people are informed and empowered to make intelligent decisions, no matter their location in the mine.

President Hélio Samora outlined the numerous ways Hexagon Mining is making its technology more accessible.

“Customers are very excited to hear we’re investing heavily in our integrated solutions, in making our services and support even better, and bringing solutions to the cloud and to subscription-based licenses,” said Samora.

Attendees heard real-life examples from client presenters about how Hexagon Mining solutions are improving performance, simplifying workflows, protecting mine equipment, and saving lives.

And the company’s formidable arsenal of surveying, planning, operations, and safety solutions were showcased both in workshops and in The Zone, where customers could see demos and speak to experts.

“It’s always good to see what other people are doing and talk with them directly so I can learn something new,” said Agung Prawasono, manager, mine planning for Kinross in Toronto. “I can save time, learn new tips and tricks and do things faster.”

Matt Bradford, mine geologist for New Gold’s Mesquite Mine, in Brawley, California, agreed: “I think just about every presentation I’m jotting down notes,” said Bradford, who presented a case study about the benefits of MineSight’s ore control solution.

“The networking opportunities are invaluable. There is at least one person that represents each technology under the Hexagon Mining family so you can sit down, get a business card, and set up a demo on site.”

Source: Hexagon