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Hexagon launches PC-DMIS 2017 R2 measurement software

Hexagon launches the latest edition of its popular PC-DMIS 2017 R2 measurement software.

Sweden: Hexagon has launched the latest edition of its most popular measurement software, PC-DMIS 2017 R2. The software introduces Slideshow for INSPECT software, allowing users to create unlimited customize-able layouts with inspection results populated during measurement.

The INSPECT software was introduced with PC-DMIS 2017 R1 as a simple front-end for PC-DMIS Measurement Routines. The optional Slideshow tab, which requires additional licence, can display multiple slides of dimensional and informational labels whenever users execute a measurement routine. The native mesh resolution is improved from import to visualization.

PC-DMIS 2017 R2 makes it easier to apply a color map to the mesh data object and create annotation points, align mesh data objects to the CAD model or align a mesh to another mesh object. The Vision Live View now displays features that already have been programmed without the need to swap to CAD view and offers an integrated focus graph.

PC-DMIS 2017 R2 improves the efficiency of vision features by reducing rechecks caused by contamination. The outlier filter has been improved to better handle noise on small arc segments and at the end points of a line, requiring less manual analysis and rechecks from the programmer.

Other notable improvements for include: CREO Direct CAD Interface, 4-axis scanning, LSP-S2 Scan+ support, machine dialogue capabilities, HP-THD Probe support, New SolidEdge CAD Translator, QuickScan support for laser probes, accuracy using HP-S-X5 HD with long extensions and continued user interface refinement.

The PC-DMIS 2017 R2 is available to download immediately. For more information, one can contact Hexagon‘s local, or commercial dealers.