Hexagon Geospatial partners with Brilliant Remote Sensing Labs for imparting free online...

Hexagon Geospatial partners with Brilliant Remote Sensing Labs for imparting free online training


Hexagon Geospatial partners with Brilliant Remote Sensing Labs Hexagon Geospatial has announced a partnership with Brilliant Remote Sensing Labs to provide students with free, up-to-date licenses of ERDAS IMAGINE for online training.

Brilliant Remote Sensing Labs is the first organization to develop a full online educational program in the field of remote sensing and satellite image processing that includes education, evaluation, testing and certification.

The Remote Sensing Portal is an Online Learning Portal designed to boost knowledge, basic concepts and flexible certification process of Remote Sensing science. It currently features 94 lectures, 16 short courses, a question bank. All 16 courses have an online exam and certificate opportunity. The courses are currently available in English and Arabic.

This partnership also helps Hexagon build a relationship with the ISPRS Foundation. The ISPRS Foundation works to provide financial assistance to qualified individuals and organizations who are pursuing and/or applying knowledge for advancing the sciences and technologies associated with the disciplines embodied by the ISPRS, including photogrammetry, remote sensing and spatial information sciences.

The Executive Committee of the ISPRS Foundation has also announced that it will be offering the “Remote Sensing Course + ERDAS IMAGINE Software” to the first 20 applications who apply through their website: https://remote-sensing-portal.com/account/register/

The offer from ISPRS includes the following:

For more information, students should contact Mike Lane, Hexagon Geospatial Global Education Manager at mike.lane@hexagongeospatial.com or contact BRS-Labs at info@remote-sensing-portal.com.