Hexagon announces Carl Pulfrich Award 2013

Hexagon announces Carl Pulfrich Award 2013


Hexagon has announced that the Carl Pulfrich Award 2013 has been awarded to Professor Dr Nicholas C. Coops, Vancouver, and Professor Dr Norbert Haala, Stuttgart. The two scientists have been awarded for their outstanding contributions in the fields of remote sensing and LiDAR as well as in 3D City and Surface Modelling. The Carl Pulfrich Award is a prestigious award for recognising cutting-edge innovations and developments in geodesy, photogrammetry and the Earth sciences.

Prof. Dr. Nicholas C. Coops, Vancouver Prof. Dr. Norbert Haala, Stuttgart

Prof. Coops is a Professor for Remote Sensing at the Canada Research Chair in Remote Sensing, since 2004. He has been honoured for his contributions to solve mapping problem in biodiversity, especially in using remote sensing technologies for vegetation growth and canopy characterisation.

Prof. Haala is an Associate Professor at the Institute for Photogrammetry, University of Stuttgart, since 2009. He has been awarded for his contributions to further develop photogrammetric restitutions, in
particular in the areas of 3D City Modelling, Dense Image Matching and the use of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS). The award ceremony will take place duringthe 54th Photogrammetric Week on September 11 at the University of Stuttgart.

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