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Hexagon acquires mapping software development firm

Sweden: Hexagon entered into an agreement to acquire all outstanding shares of MicroSurvey Software Inc., a Canadian-based developer of surveying and mapping software for the land surveying, construction and forensic markets.
“MicroSurvey has grown very rapidly in the last two years, and the acquisition by Hexagon gives us the means to grow even faster and keep pace with the ever-growing customer demand. Our team is extremely excited about this acquisition as it provides us the vehicle for further investment in innovation and greater access to the market,” said Darcy Detlor, president of MicroSurvey Software. Detlor will continue as president of MicroSurvey.
Ola Rollen, CEO and president of Hexagon AB, said, “The acquisition of MicroSurvey notably expands Hexagon’s product offerings and software development capabilities for several of our key markets including land surveying, construction and public safety. Additionally, both MicroSurvey’s software products and Hexagon’s instrument products enjoy strong leadership positions in these markets. The ability to offer such comprehensive, market-leading and innovative solutions will undoubtedly benefit both current and future customers of Hexagon.”
Source: MicroSurvey & Hexagon