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Hexagon 2011 showcases latest measurement technologies

Orlando, US: Leica Geosystems is showcasing the latest technologies at Hexagon 2011 conference in Orlando, US. According to the company’s press statement, Hexagon 2011 has brought together the latest technologies and user communities from Leica Geosystems, Z/I Imaging, as well as Intergraph, and Hexagon Metrology in one location to provide attendees with an user experience of unprecedented scope and value.
Juergen Dold, President, Hexagon Geosystems, and Ken Mooyman, President, Hexagon Geosystems NAFTA, presented the featured keynote address for the [email protected] 2011 track. Titled “Advancing Earth’s Infrastructure with Measurement Technologies“, the keynote provided an overview of how the portfolio of Leica Geosystems and Z/I Imaging solutions, combined with its customers’ expertise and ingenuity, address many of today’s key global challenges and associated macro-trends. Furthermore, attendees learnt how Geosystems solutions interface with and leverage Intergraph and Metrology solutions for the benefit of end users and their clients.
The [email protected] 2011 track alone features more than 100 targeted breakout sessions tailored into three sub-tracks – “Trends in Mapping & Positioning for Government and Industry”, “HDS/Laser Scanning”, and “Geospatial Solutions”  incorporating hands-on training courses, previews of new technologies, interactive technical demonstrations and workshops, compelling customer testimonials from today’s thought leaders and unlimited networking opportunities. All of the company’s products will be on display in a massive 24,000 sq. ft. TechExpo.
Employing the theme “Building a Smarter World,” Hexagon 2011 emphasises the ways in which Hexagon empowers organisations to build a smarter world through industry-specific technologies that make processes and infrastructures better, safer and smarter. 
Meanwhile, at the Hexagon 2011 Conference, Leica Geosystems announced the new Leica ScanStation C5 Laser Scanner for fast, complete as-built and engineering surveys. The compact, scalable Leica ScanStation C5 provides professionals with a combination of legendary Leica Geosystems quality scan data with a significantly lower cost of scanner ownership. These advances not only address today’s scanning professionals, but also address organisations wanting to enter into laser scanning to diversify and/or improve their current business.
Leica ScanStation C5 is a fully integrated, cable-less system. The scanner has an easy-to-learn onboard interface with high-resolution, colour touch screen and integrated, high-resolution zoom video. It features a laser plummet and tribrach mount and interfaces to standard survey accessories such as TPS batteries, total station prisms, and even the Leica GPS SmartAntenna. Thus, even professionals new to High-Definition Surveying (HDS) will find it easy to learn and work with the Leica ScanStation C5.
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