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HERE pushes sensor data uniformity

Berlin: Mapping and navigation company, HERE, recently held a forum in Berlin to discuss the creation of a universal format for in-vehicle sensor data. 16 carmakers and suppliers participated. All the attendees agreed that a common standard should define the format in which vehicle sensor data is ingested by a location cloud. You should know that in-vehicle sensor data is extremely useful for real-time map updates, and alerting drivers on hazardous conditions ahead. If a car hits the brakes because of an obstruction, that information could be used to warn the following drivers to slow down. For this, it is imperative that all cars speak and understand the same language. If the cloud receives data in different formats, it would not be able to aggregate and analyse it efficiently and timely. Creating a common standard becomes all the more important when you look at the quantum of data being generated. Automotive technology research firm SBD has predicted that by 2020, over 30 million vehicles with on-board cameras and sensor technologies will be sold every year. This would easily generate more than 163 million terabytes of data annually.

According to the head of product management for the automated driving program at HERE, Dietmar Rabel, industry-wide collaboration on data would not only result in fewer accidents, it would also pave the way for efficient self-driving cars. The head of the back-end development team at Continental also agrees that standards are the key for success for every company in the industry. He said that a common specification would lead to more available data, improved data quality and would enable features that are not currently possible. The participants also discussed a range of technical issues at the forum. These included data content, security, anonymisation and transmission accuracy.

Source: Global newswire