HERE and Nuance partner for connected car platform

HERE and Nuance partner for connected car platform


US: HERE and Nuance are working in tandem to enhance an integrated location and voice services in the connected car platform. The companies will work together in developing an advanced voice-activated point-of-interest (POI) experiences for connected cars. Nuance will work with HERE to create an innovative voice and natural language solutions.

The company is using HERE’s map and POI data to optimize on a global basis its Dragon Drive connected car voice technologies. It will leverage the data to further enhance the Nuance Automotive Assistant with the aim of providing a system that allows the user to issue simpler instructions, with a more effective response.

Arnd Weil, senior vice president and general manager of ‎Nuance Automotive said: There are two layers in a voice recognition solution: the layer that recognizes human voice and the actual words issuing driver commands, and the other layer that validates the command against what the system expects, which is the grammar, language or terminology. With so many street names, towns, countries, cities, places in the world – it’s incredibly important to ensure that voice recognition system can truly understand and recognize these words. 

Bruno Bourguet, Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development at HERE said: Drivers want innovative and cool services in their cars. As cars get increasingly connected, voice plays a key role in accessing those services. We are pleased that Nuance has elected to leverage HERE data to enhance that experience.”

Source: Fonearena