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Hemisphere rolls out GNSS global correction service, Atlas

US: Hemisphere GNSS has released a flexible GNSS global correction service, Atlas, at industry disruptive pricing. Delivered via L-Band or the Internet at accuracy levels ranging from meter level to sub-decimeter level, support for Atlas is being introduced across a wide range of hardware. For this purpose, Hemisphere has also launched AtlasLink smart antenna.

Some of the cutting-edge features of Atlas are:

Positioning accuracy: Atlas provides competitive positioning accuracies down to 2 cm RMS in certain applications, often exceeding competitive systems’ capabilities.

Positioning sustainability: Position quality maintenance in the absence of correction signals, using Hemisphere’s Tracer technology.

Scalable service levels: Atlas is capable of providing virtually any accuracy, precision and repeatability level in the 5 to 100 cm range.

Convergence time: Industry-leading convergence times of 10-40 minutes.

AtlasLink has also debuted with two innovative capabilities:

  • SmartLink: Enables a user to directly connect AtlasLink as an extension to any existing system that has industry standard connectivity options.
  • BaseLink: Automatically sets AtlasLink up as a permanent reference station, delivering corrections to any other GNSS receiver being used for positioning.


Starting June 19, Atlas will be available for subscription at Atlas Web portal across a range of Hemisphere’s multi-frequency, RTK-capable products, including AtlasLink, R330u, V320, and VS330u. Atlas can also be purchased from a number of channel partners and OEMs, including Carlson Software.

Source: Hemisphere