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Hemisphere GPS releases Earthworks X100

Calgary, Canada: Hemisphere GPS released Earthworks X100, an excavator grade control system for small to medium-sized contractors. The new system displays bucket position relative to desired grade. This instant feedback improves the operator’s accuracy and efficiency when digging foundations, trenching, cutting a slope and in many other excavation applications.
Hemisphere GPS’ Earthworks X100 includes 3 ultra-rugged angle sensors and a colour touchscreen terminal that’s capable of displaying the bucket teeth or tool position to within 2 centimetres. The system can be upgraded to either Earthworks X200 or X300, the full 2D and 3D excavator grade control systems capable of shaping dual-slopes and more complex design surfaces.
“Through our affordable X100 grade control system, even the smallest contractor will quickly realise the benefits of higher productivity, increased safety and the elimination of rework,” said John Bohlke, General Manager of Earthworks at Hemisphere GPS. “Contractors can bid more competitively on jobs with greater confidence and predictability and grow business profits.”
Source: Hemisphere GPS