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Hemisphere GPS provides tech support to Brazilian co

Calgary, Canada: Hemisphere GPS supplied Crescent GPS technology and components to TechGeo, an innovative company that was the first to manufacture geodetic GPS receivers in Brazil.

TechGeo, a leading manufacturer of geodetic GPS solutions based in Juiz de Fora, Brazil, integrated Hemisphere GPS’ proven Crescent GPS engine into a feature-packed smart antenna product, named Zênite. The portable all-in-one GPS receiver combines the Crescent GPS board with a high performance GPS antenna, Bluetooth communication, internal memory, tilt sensors, battery and more. The automated data recording and other unique features of Zênite make it simple to set up and operate for precise land surveying and mapping applications.

“The performance and reliability of Crescent GPS made it a perfect match for Zênite, our new generation of smart antenna,” said Marcos Stenner, General Director at TechGeo. “Our customers will appreciate the combination of accuracy, portability and ease of use for their positioning applications.”

Crescent GPS board provides sub-meter differential GPS positioning and measurements that can be processed to centimetre-level accuracy. TechGeo offers packages with multiple Zênite receivers and post-processing software to provide the ultimate value to surveyors that are establishing survey control points or creating precise maps.

Source: Hemisphere GPS