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Helyx wins contract from UK Ministry of Defence

UK: UK Ministry of Defence selected Helyx SIS Ltd to help define requirements for, and support delivery of, the Future Deployable Geospatial Intelligence (FDG) capability.

As a result of the success achieved through application of currently deployed geospatial capabilities and of recent and rapid technical advancements in the application of GEOINT, both of which have increased its operational significance, many of the existing hardware and software components are reaching the end of their service life. The Ministry of Defence Capability staffs are therefore convinced that now is an optimal time to review, refresh and enhance the GEOINT capability. The Future Deployable Geospatial Intelligence Capability will provide an underpinning component of Network Enabled Capacity, supporting shared situational awareness and the decision support process.

Helyx will support the Imagery and Geospatial Systems (IMaGE) Delivery Team as an integral part of the Project Team for the duration of the Project Assessment Phase. The aim of the Project is to rationalise and upgrade the current GEOINT capability to meet the projected range of military activities and intelligence requirements, including its closer integration into the wider defence ISTAR infrastructure. The Project will provide enhanced GEOINT capability to support operations in the land, air and maritime domains. The initial work, supported by Helyx, is focussed on supporting the submission of a Main Gate Business Case in early 2011.

Under the initial six month project, Helyx will deliver the Project Roadmap and Requirements, assess new and available technologies, undertake MoD Architecture Framework Modelling and support tender preparation. Helyx will be supported by a number of specialist advisors; Hereford Infosec, providing specialist Security and Information Assurance advice, Atkins Ltd, in the fields of and on risk management, safety and Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) and J2CO Consulting who will support requirements and strategy derivation.

Source: Shephard