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Help map damage in Vanuatu with Tomnod

USA: The island nation of Vanuatu, located east of northern Australia, was struck by a category 5 cyclone. Its 155mph winds ripped trees right out of the ground and flattened homes leaving thousands of people displaced.

We tried the mapping feature, to identify major destruction of forest area in Vanuatu

DigitalGlobe's Tomnod program is now asking its crowdsourcing volunteers to map the damage from cyclone. Users can switch between pre-event and post-event imagery to help determine whether damage has occurred. DigitalGlobe has made available the satellite imagery from the region available from 1, January 2014 (through its satellite imagery archive) till 16 March, 2015 as we publish this news.

Wathch the video: Help map damage in Vanuatu with Tomnod

The program is now online from Tomnod at this link – Cyclone Pam strikes Vanuatu