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Heineken’s @wherenext unlocks exciting night spots in your city

Heineken's @wherenext mobile app in actionAmsterdam: Heineken, as part of its fully-integrated global campaign, ‘Cities of the World’ recently launched its new Twitter-based social tool @wherenext. The social tool is built to help users explore the hottest locations across their cities each night.

According to the release issued by the company, “The new service scans the pulse of a city by using real-time location-based social activity… and guides urbanites to new adventures off their beaten track.” The new service leverages Google Maps-supported micro-site that builds on tweets, photos and check-ins from Instagram, Twitter and Foursquare.

“The initiative is really creative use of Twitter and is well-suited to the real-time and mobile nature of the platform and will give fans a window into the most vibrant experiences in cities around the world, right in the palm of their hand,” said JP Maheu, Managing Director, Global Brand & Agency Strategy at Twitter.

Source: Heineken