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HCC extends WebGIS capabilities

Dublin, Ireland, September 10, 2007: eSpatial, an enterprise geospatial software and technology company announced that Hull City Council (HCC) has launched a major new phase of its Web Based GIS built on eSpatial’s iSMART product.

The interactive mapping solution, developed by HCC and eSpatial, enables HCC to publish share and manage its geographic information online. Selected information and capabilities are provided to the general public and to internal users based on role and job function allowing users to search for, locate to, update and create data using a web browser. The solution provides a web based data capture and maintenance capabilities greatly reducing the dependency on deploying costly GIS tools.

As a timely demonstration of the value provided by the system, the application was extended to include additional information to support Emergency Management activities during recent heavy flooding in the City. Information on ongoing flood management activities (e.g. flooded streets and flood barriers) was made immediately available across HCC.

Richard Liversedge, Head of ICT & e-Government, Hull City Council commented, “HCC now supports both existing and new applications in a single data store greatly reducing data duplication & enabling us to roll out applications based on eSpatial’s iSMART that add real value to both the internal processes and how we deal with the general public. These applications are built on the foundation of trusted data residing in Oracle. We were particularly impressed at how eSpatial could quickly customize the application to add Flood information during recent emergencies. This flexibility greatly eased pressures in the incident room as we had a continuous live feed of information shared over the intranet which geographically displayed incidents. Using the same data we were also able to share critical geographic information such as flooded or blocked streets with the public instantly over our website”.