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Hawaiian Island updates tsunami evacuation zone maps

US: Kaua‘i's has updated tsunami evacuation zone maps, replacing the maps from the 1990s. The updated maps are based on the latest technology, which utilises bathymetric/ocean-floor mapping and computer modeling done by the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa. The maps are available on Kaua’I’s official website, the National Weather Service website, as well as in the latest edition of the Yellow Book in the disaster preparedness section.

"Our team started with advanced tsunami inundation computer modeling from UH Mānoa. The information was used to predict where the water would go if some of Kaua‘i's worst documented tsunamis were to occur at high tide. Using this as a basis for the project, the new evacuation zones were developed with buffers built-in; and the boundaries were determined by roads, geographic features and/or property lines, where it was feasible,” said Glenda Nogami-Streufert, Kaua’I civil defense authority Manager. The updated maps are not intended to indicate where the water would inundate in the event of a tsunami; they simply show the areas that should be evacuated when there is a tsunami threat.

Source: Hawaiinewsnow