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Have you witnessed a tsunami?

To help us understand the potential risk to the Australian coastline, we are seeking information from people who may have come into contact with a tsunami.

If you have seen unusual wave behaviour or strange tidal occurrences, an online report form has been created for you to submit your story. The form only takes a few minutes to complete and will greatly assist us in understanding tsunami events in Australia.

A tsunami model showing sea-level rise on a generic mainland. (Copyright Geoscience Australia)

Eyewitness accounts provide us with a more detailed history of tsunami around Australia, and will validate and help develop the scientific tools used to assist emergency planners in safeguarding their communities against future tsunami.

Geoscience Australia plays a key role in developing knowledge of the risk from natural and human-caused hazard to Australia. Using this knowledge we develop tsunami hazard maps to assist government and the community in making informed decisions about public safety.