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Haryana state in India to curb traffic mishaps using GIS

India: In a bid to curb the increasing number of road accidents, the Haryana State Police in India is considering using GIS-based traffic management system for an effective analysis of the accident data. At present, the software is being used by the Tamil Nadu State Police.

“Tamil Nadu Police is using a software package known as the Road Accident Data Management System (RADMS), which generates detailed information on accidents for all the roads in the state. The web-enabled GIS-based system is easy to use and has been deployed at 1,400 police stations across the state,” said a senior traffic police official.

After visiting the accident site, the policeman on duty enters the details of the accident at the police station into a web-based ‘Accident Record Form’ (ARF) of RADMS. The details of each accident include information on the registration numbers of vehicles, the number of people involved in the accident, whether helmets or seat belts were being used, etc.

Once the information is available online, officials from other departments fill in other relevant information. “RADMS is supported by a powerful analysis engine incorporating kilometre analysis, grid analysis and cluster analysis, which helps in identifying high-density accident locations,” added the official.

Source: Hindustan Times