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Handheld users “Trading Places” with latest release of Earthcomber

Earthcomber LLC have announced new features of its freeware personal navigator that allows users to mark and share places on the map. The Earthcomber Version 1.2 lets users mark their favorite places on maps, either on their Palm-powered devices or directly on the Web, and then share those places through private and public groups in the Earthcomber community.

Earthcomber users can mark places of interest as they travel, making field notes while the software provides the map coordinates and other details. Users with GPS will be automatically positioned on Earthcomber maps. Users without GPS can use the maps to position themselves. The break- away feature, however, is that users can then share their own locations in Earthcomber’s new “community” area.

Locations can be shared with public groups, or kept in private, member-only groups. Users who join a group can load that group’s locations onto their own Palm-powered devices, or browse the locations on the web.

The new features of Earthcomber provide users with numerous applications:

– Personal travel and adventure
– Family connections
– Interest groups
– For work
– At events

Earthcomber also comes preloaded with nearly 1.5 million places of interest, including stores, services, attractions, historical sites, and more. Earthcomber can notify users about the closest library, post office, shopping mall, hospital, or police station. Nature lovers can quickly find the nearest park, mountain summit, hiking trail, lava flow, glacier, waterfall, lake, and many more natural features. Earthcomber also contains over 50,000 sites from the National Register of Historic Places. Users can personalize their experience by indicating exactly the types of places they want to see on their maps.