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Handheld GPS display unit for golfers gaining momentum

9 sept 2002 – GPS, handheld display unit developed by Inforetech Wireless Technology is being welcomed by golfers worldwide and is gaining new momentum in media coverage

The handheld unit, known as the ‘Inforemer’, was featured this past Saturday evening on the Canadian Television (CTV) network’s national newscast at 6:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. in a science and technology segment called “Breakthrough”. This feature, programmed every Saturday, highlights new technologies in Canadian business.

The display unit, which can be easily attached to a golf bag or cart, can tell golfers a wide range of valuable information, including: the length of their drive, the distance left to the pin, course rules and hazards, professional tips and other useful information.

Because the units are portable, they are suitable for virtually any golf course worldwide. The system is also designed to boost the efficiency and profitability of golf courses. Among the biggest benefits for course managers is the ability to identify pace-of-play problems, such as slow groups and bottlenecks as well as to increase the sales due to on-line ordering.