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Hampton Roads Sanitation District selects Datastream 7i

Datastream Systems, Inc. recently announced that the Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD) has selected the Datastream 7i Asset Performance Management solution to manage assets across 13 wastewater treatment plants spanning 17 cities and counties in Virginia. Datastream 7i also provides extensive support for service-oriented architecture and Web services, which delivers additional advanced capabilities including GIS integration and Native Support for Mobile Deployment. With comprehensive support for
Web services, Datastream 7i natively supports mobile deployment, which eliminates the need to include third-party mobile vendors in the deployment.

By providing fully integrated GIS and mobile functionality, Datastream 7i reduces licensing requirements and enables customers to work with one vendor and one consolidated solution. This compares favorably to solutions that rely on a “partnering” strategy to deliver GIS and mobile, which requires customers to work with multiple vendors, each with their own licensing, implementation and support schemes.

HRSD, a political subdivision of the Commonwealth of Virginia, was created by public referendum in 1940 and currently serves 1.6 million people in 17 cities and counties. Its mission is to prevent pollution, protect public health and support community development by providing wastewater collection, treatment and related services. Datastream Systems, Inc. provides Asset Performance Management software and services to enterprises worldwide, including more than 60 percent of the Fortune 500.