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Haestad press launches free online version of advanced water distribution modeling and management textbook

Haestad Press announced the launch of its online version of Advanced Water Distribution Modeling and Management (AWDM), the first in a series of free eBooks being offered for water resources professionals and students. From basic theory and operational characteristics to model building and calibration, every facet of the modeling process is accessible to readers from their desktop computer via the Internet at . This eBook comes complete with a hyperlinked table of contents and an extensive index to guide users to specific topics on the essentials of advanced water distribution modeling.

Authored and peer reviewed by over 20 industry leaders, AWDM builds on the success of the best-selling Water Distribution Modeling textbook. With expanded content and new chapters, the publication covers advanced topics to meet the needs of the most seasoned engineers looking to master the latest technology on subjects such as optimization techniques, GIS integration, water systems security, SCADA systems, and transient analysis. Yet the accessible writing style and wide use of graphics make this book easy for students and young engineers to understand.

AWDM boasts a five-star rating on Amazon.com. Purchasers of the hard copy format will receive the latest version of Haestad Methods’ powerful WaterCAD® water resources modeling software, documentation, interactive tutorials, and training. To purchase a copy, visit www.haestad.com/awdm or www.amazon.com .

The Advanced Water Distribution Modeling and Management textbook was authored by Stephen Beckwith, Donald V. Chase, Walter Grayman, Edmundo Koelle, Dragan A. Savic, Thomas M. Walski, and Haestad Methods’ engineers. Contributing authors include Scott Cattran, Rick Hammond, Kevin Laptos, Steven G. Lowry, Robert F. Mankowski, Stan Plante, John Przybyla, and Barbara Schmitz. Haestad Press, a subsidiary of Haestad Methods, is a leading publisher and distributor of water resources computer-assisted textbooks and related publications. Haestad Methods has been in the business of enabling engineers with technology for 25 years and is internationally recognized as the world’s leading water resources software company. Haestad Methods provides more than 125,000 civil engineers in over 170 countries with hydrologic and hydraulic modeling software, services, continuing education workshops, and publications. Haestad Methods’ complete suite of engineering software products for water, stormwater, and wastewater modeling and management includes WaterGEMS®, WaterCAD®, PumpMasterTM, DarwinTM, WaterSAFETM, SewerCAD®, StormCAD®, PondPack®, FlowMaster®, CulvertMaster®, and HEC-PackTM. Haestad Methods trains thousands of engineers each year. It is duly authorized to award CEUs and PDHs and is licensed by Sandia National Laboratories to conduct RAM-WSM (Risk Assessment Methodology for Water Utilities) Training.