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Haestad Methods’ training takes Latin America by storm

Haestad Methods has announced that over 150 representatives from dozens of the largest water and wastewater organizations in Latin America will participate in Haestad Methods’ open house and accredited training programs November 25-29 in Santiago, Chile. The workshops are designed to provide a comprehensive view of hydraulic theory, modeling techniques, and computer technology. As a special feature to the program, Aguas Andinas, the largest water utility in Chile, will present a real-world case study using Haestad Methods’ WaterCAD, water resources modeling software. Challenged with providing safe and dependable infrastructure for both drinking water and sanitary sewers, water professionals in this region
are eager to attend Haestad Methods’ advanced modeling training.

Some of the South American companies sending engineers and
managers to the Chile workshops include: Aguas del Illimani (Bolivia); Aguas de la Rioja (Argentina); ESSAN (Chile); ESSBIO (Chile); Louis Berger Group (Panama); Ministerio de Obras Publicas de Chile (Chile); Obras Sanitarias del Estado (Uruguay); SEDAPAL (Peru); and Terwal (Brazil).

Participants will earn an A+ Modeler Certificate for each two-day course completed in water distribution and sanitary sewer design and modeling. Independent certification will ensure that participants leverage the latest technologies to deliver the most efficient solutions to their clients.