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Haestad Methods releases StormCAD V5

Haestad Methods has announced the release of StormCAD, the software for stormwater engineering. Version 5.0 builds upon the solid foundation established with previous versions of StormCAD, offering engineers the most complete approach to storm sewer design and analysis in the industry.

With over 20,000 registered users, StormCAD has outdistanced the competition by becoming an integral part of operations at transportation departments, municipalities, and consulting firms around the world.

“Driven by customer requests, Version 5.0 offers a variety of new features and enhancements to make results interpretation and reporting faster and easier than any other model of its kind,” said Gregg Herrin, StormCAD Product Manager for Haestad Methods. “The addition of the Profile Manager in StormCAD provides engineers with the flexibility to customize, store, recall, and modify profiles. New profile templates can be tailored to include common styles and settings for use in generating construction drawings and can even be shared among project files.”

StormCAD is capable of leveraging data from other civil design packages, GIS, and various data sources and can run as a Stand-Alone application, directly within AutoCAD, or integrated with popular GIS applications. The Stand-Alone interface is flexible enough to work with any CAD application, such as MicroStation, and the optional integration with AutoCAD means that the combined functionality of StormCAD and AutoCAD is available from within one interface.
“To facilitate better designs for less cost, a model should encourage the exploration and assessment of ‘what-if?’ conditions,” Herrin continued. “With StormCAD’s automated design, Scenario Control Center, dynamic comparisons, and cost estimating tools, engineers are quickly able to see the effects of a rehabilitation project or a completely new subdivision.”