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gvSIG EIEL to help survey of local infrastructure

Spain: Cartolab team, in collaboration with the gvSIG Association, has created the first official product of the gvSIG project specifically to one sector, called gvSIG EIEL.

gvSIG EIEL enables a simple and comprehensive management of all processes related to the development of the Survey of Local Infrastructure and Equipment.

The EIEL is an initiative of the Ministry for Territorial Policy of Spain. That Ministry has used it for over 20 years to identify the needs of local authorities of almost all the Spanish State. The dramatic improvement of GIS creates new possibilities for analysis and management of the local infrastructure and services contained in the EIEL.

gvSIG EIEL is an application aimed at technical experts from local and regional councils. It’s based on a customisation of gvSIG through a series of extensions and specialised modules that enable to input and update alphanumeric and geospatial data, to digitalise infrastructures, to validate the information required by the Ministry for Planning Policy for the EIEL, etc.

This application is continuously updated and improved. In fact, during its development process, it has already provided improvements in gvSIG, such as patches to PostGIS driver, improvements in NavTable, etc.
Although gvSIG EIEL is geared to Spanish law, it can be used as a basis for developments with similar objectives in other countries.

Source: gvSIG